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Dental tourism in Croatia

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Croatia in the last few years, with Romania and Bulgaria has developed a new tourism industry called dental tourism.

What exactly is dental tourism?

Dental Tourism is a journey to another country to visit the dental clinic and the use of dental services that are usually quite a lot cheaper than those in your country.

What offer dental tourism?

The first and main reason for dental tourism in Croatia is to save money. Croatia provides high quality dental care at prices as high as 50% or more lower than neighboring countries in Europe or America.

Just for example, let's compare prices for implant dentistry and implants.

Price of implant in the U.S. range from 1250 $ - 3000 $
Price of implant in Italy range from 1000-2000 Euros
Price of implant in England is around 1500 Euros
Price of imaplant in Croatia is about 600 Euros or 850 $!!!

Although the price of Croatian dentist is so much lower than in Europe or America, beside the price, dental service is the same as for the European or American dentist. Croatian dentists are highly trained, using the latest technology and offer a guarantee on all methods of treatment and used materials.

In addition to saving money dental tourism also offer travelling. Croatia with its long coastline, beautiful beaches, a large number of natural beauties and cultural monuments will surely leave good memories after you visit her.

With today's low coast airline tickets, accommodation in apartment or room and dental services of dentist in Croatia, a person can still save money. That is why dental tourism in Croatia is increasingly popular.

Dental tourism in Rovinj is also increasingly popular. Excellent service dental practice in the city, organized transfers from airports and accommodation in private apartments at very low prices, throughout the year bring "tourists" in Rovinj.

Cheap cost dental services and the beauty of Rovinj, together make an ideal tourist destination for dental tourism in Croatia.



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